The Last of Them
A fantasy world in which the last humans on Earth have fled the dying world.  But what happens if they can't live in harmony, either?

The SS Galaxy, a massive, luxurious space liner, carries aboard it everything needed to keep humanity alive on its long journey across the universe.  At one mile across, with a total circumference a little over 3 miles spread over 7 decks, it is the largest vessel in the fleet, carrying upwards of 30,000 passengers on each voyage.

See the initial concepts for this project here.

Designed by William B. Roller

This is also a virtual reality project for the HTC Vive.  Using a headset, it is possible to walk around and explore this set.

Virtual reality (VR) is a tool that I have been working with for a while now.  I am hoping that this technology will help to improve design for the theatre, film, and television industries.  It offers many advantages over traditional model building.  It allows directors to truly have a sense of scale, to walk around and find their angles, and to manipulate the scene in real time.  It is also more environmentally friendly, faster, and much less costly, since it does not get stuck in the tedium of finding art supplies and building models that only approximate the end result.