William B. Roller


William B. Roller is a designer and 3D visualizer working in the fields of Film, Theatre, Television, Architecture, Gaming, and Virtual Reality. This portfolio highlights his expertise in his own work as well as in collaboration with other artists.

He is a graduate of Drury University for architecture, and of New York University - Tisch School of the Arts for design for stage and screen. He is based in New York.


Most of the projects in this portfolio were made using a combination of software, but ultimately many of the renderings and animations were produced using Unreal Engine.  This is a big departure from the traditional presentation of sets and structures which involves tedious, time consuming, and expensive construction of unwieldy and fragile models at a small scale. 

Unreal Engine allows the demonstration of models in a much more detailed and flexible way.  Directors, collaborators, and clients are able to immerse themselves into the project by using a Virtual Reality Headset, allowing them to explore and see the space in a comprehensive way that can't be matched by model building.  They can be produced and altered much more quickly than traditional models, too.

Stage and Screen